Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a man will be a

a man will be a man... new blog title.. canlt forget lol

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why i choose to be called Black American

i choose to be called Black American, because.. well wait yes my ancestors did originate there however my generations before me haven't looked back since being born in the United States.. now back to what i am saying i am Black American because the customs, beliefs, and culture that i know is in no relation to that of an African American

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kappa Sweetheart!!!

So yesterday i logged into my school e-mail address, and saw an e-mail that read "Kappa Sweetheart Informational"... i read it and still had no clue what it was about.. so i decided to go to the meeting that was gonna be held @ 7:11.. how funnie.. lol but yes attire was business mandatory which was really nice.. i get there last one of course.. but not late.. haha two guys give me hugs one i know the other just met him over facebook :)

moving on...

Kappa Alpha Psi.. is a black fraternity.. that i like party with every time they have an event.. well the meeting was about.. chosen girls were picked to be Kappa Sweethearts, meaning that we are the ladies that help Kappa with anything they need, if it's like passing out flyer's, helping with poster, setting up decorations... etc you get it we also come out and show them support when their doing events and fundraisers, but the best part of it is the ladies also get to do big things too...

Interview process...

is a freaking three week things.. and basically they will be asking us questions, but we will also be getting to know the brothers of the Tucson kappa chapter formally :)..

why I'm excited..

there's no fee's that i have to pay to be a kappa sweetheart.. i finally get to meet some more people on campus.. we get to travel with the boys when they go off to meet other kappa chapters, and every event that they host I'm in FREE!!!!!
Did i add??
That I'm the baby of the bunch?? yay!!!!
and the rose is from them in case you were wondering
ohhh and a Kappa sweetheart is also know as a diamond

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend in Tucson

So this weekend I spent at home in Tolleson :)…I will explain the picture later on in my blog… my weekend was really relaxing and I got most of my work accomplished.. it was just one of those weekends where I didn’t want to do anything.. lol.. I didn’t get to spend too much time with my mom cause I came on a weekend when she had a lot of homework to do but her and I went grocery shopping together, for the house and my dorm, on the Southside cause we were visiting my auntie too… which was nice.. and while we were there some older black men passed us and said “yall look like yall get greens can you tell me where to find some frozen ones”… well my mom told them where… and I later asked her why do they think we know where the greens are.. nd my mom laughed and said “cause we look healthy”… lol funniest thing ever… lol… but last night I was just curious if my belly button was open so I put an earring through it, and then I found my old belly ring and placed it through, so now my belly button is pierced… and that’s why my blog has that picture next to it.. lol

But DRAMA! So I come home to see that we really been aching for food right now cause this dude French is still here sitting on the couch, not doing a dayum thing… it really does bother me, because I know my mom needs a break financially, and there’s two dayum grown men living in the house with no jobs… okay welllllll my step-dad is a real estate agent, however with the dayum economy being so low he ain’t makin s*** right now…. That’s why I’m saying yall need to vote and put someone in office who’s gonna help us out… can’t complain if you don’t take the steps to try and change something… n-e-hoo off topic… but yea when my mom first texted me asking me for money I knew something was up…. I mean I really don’t say anything because my mom doesn’t talk to me about issues, which is fine because I know she doesn’t want me to worry, but if it was up to me… I would get them both the hell out… shit if they ain’t bringing anything in then step the hell out.. there’s nothing wrong with being nice to ppl but he been here a month longer then what he said he was… still ain’t showering regularly… just pissing me the hell off dude… I get tired of looking at him wear what I saw him wearing Thursday…. But hey I know a blessing is coming in for my mom, but sometimes it’s hard to get to that blessing when you got other things in the way…

GOOD NEWS! Thing with my special honey are going well… still not in a relationship but things are going good… today I bought her some hand sanitizer cause she hates germs, but in her dorm room she doesn’t have it lol…she has the Clorox wipes, the disinfecting spray… but no hand sanitizer so I got her some J…. Generous I know… and with that I’m off

Happy thoughts,