Friday, December 26, 2008


Finally after 3 am i have finished the twilight saga, and OMG i recommend it to anyone interested in reading a new series.. I'm a harry potter fan and when twilight came out i wasn't a big fan of it, (actually i didn't want to jump on the band wagon).. well after the movie started showing previews i decided right then and there that i wanted to follow this story, but didn't want to waste my money purchasing them and not liking them, so i borrowed the books for a neighbor in my dorm and begin reading the first book .. and fell in love once again... :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Good Bye Letter

This letter is what i wrote to hime after my last blog post

so the last conversation we had today was very interesting... it basically ruined any chance of us "getting together." and it was something that I've been really considering for the last few days, but after you told me "nothings going to change" it was the release i needed to say this; Jacob I know so much about you, and i love you dearly, I've messed up before, and have been forgiven, you've messed up as well, and you've been forgiven... but my whole thing is how can we start a relationship when nothings going to change??? you deserve someone who will be willing to hear you out once they've made up their mind, someone who will be willing to make the drive out to see you as often as you need, someone who doesn't hang up when they don't hear what they want to hear...and at this point of time i can't be that person... i do wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors, and whoever may stumble into your life and take u by surprise, i wish you eternal happiness, there will always be a spot for you in my heart, just not in the same way... it would be really helpful for me if you just gave me a few months.. give or take before you and i have any type of contact again, please I know you knew that there was no chance of us again, but i kept holding on to it, until you released me

Merry x-mas, and Happy New Year Jacob
♥ Jasmine

I feel like..

I'm sorry, that it's every time i have a problem that has me posting new items, or exciting news(which doesn't happen often)...
but today i got the answer that i needed
i asked him "what's going to be different"
well he didn't have an answer for me, so i told him to call me back once he did i got a phone call a few mins later asking me not to hang up, i told him I'm not making promises... so he asked what do you want to know... i said i already have my answer, then he asked me what's going to be different
i told him that's the question i was asking him.. he said "nothings going to be different," although i was never in a "relationship" with him, it still hurt all the same.. 2 1/2 years of my time i feel was wasted on a lost cause.. no scratch that not wasted cause it's a learning experience.. i now know what not to look for..
but i just don't understand how someone who claims to love someone so dearly and wants them back, isn't not willing to change...
story of my life