Sunday, November 30, 2008

A man will be a man... cont'd

okay so for those of you that were wondering when i said A man will be a man(Gloria)... basically i was referring to the conversation i had with my ex boyfriend, when he told me that he slept with someone, when i asked why he responded and said " a man has needs Jasmine", " A man will be a man and do what i man does"... how lame is that mess????? grrrr.. lol

I"m back.. lol

hello my fellow fans who wondered where i was.. been busy and ddnt really feel like writing..
well not too much is going on in my life i'm just chilling... but on my way home from my home i was listening to a song by hurican chris.. what i'm wondering is What ever happen to him?? he was like a three hit wonder.. lol