Friday, December 26, 2008


Finally after 3 am i have finished the twilight saga, and OMG i recommend it to anyone interested in reading a new series.. I'm a harry potter fan and when twilight came out i wasn't a big fan of it, (actually i didn't want to jump on the band wagon).. well after the movie started showing previews i decided right then and there that i wanted to follow this story, but didn't want to waste my money purchasing them and not liking them, so i borrowed the books for a neighbor in my dorm and begin reading the first book .. and fell in love once again... :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Good Bye Letter

This letter is what i wrote to hime after my last blog post

so the last conversation we had today was very interesting... it basically ruined any chance of us "getting together." and it was something that I've been really considering for the last few days, but after you told me "nothings going to change" it was the release i needed to say this; Jacob I know so much about you, and i love you dearly, I've messed up before, and have been forgiven, you've messed up as well, and you've been forgiven... but my whole thing is how can we start a relationship when nothings going to change??? you deserve someone who will be willing to hear you out once they've made up their mind, someone who will be willing to make the drive out to see you as often as you need, someone who doesn't hang up when they don't hear what they want to hear...and at this point of time i can't be that person... i do wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors, and whoever may stumble into your life and take u by surprise, i wish you eternal happiness, there will always be a spot for you in my heart, just not in the same way... it would be really helpful for me if you just gave me a few months.. give or take before you and i have any type of contact again, please I know you knew that there was no chance of us again, but i kept holding on to it, until you released me

Merry x-mas, and Happy New Year Jacob
♥ Jasmine

I feel like..

I'm sorry, that it's every time i have a problem that has me posting new items, or exciting news(which doesn't happen often)...
but today i got the answer that i needed
i asked him "what's going to be different"
well he didn't have an answer for me, so i told him to call me back once he did i got a phone call a few mins later asking me not to hang up, i told him I'm not making promises... so he asked what do you want to know... i said i already have my answer, then he asked me what's going to be different
i told him that's the question i was asking him.. he said "nothings going to be different," although i was never in a "relationship" with him, it still hurt all the same.. 2 1/2 years of my time i feel was wasted on a lost cause.. no scratch that not wasted cause it's a learning experience.. i now know what not to look for..
but i just don't understand how someone who claims to love someone so dearly and wants them back, isn't not willing to change...
story of my life

Sunday, November 30, 2008

A man will be a man... cont'd

okay so for those of you that were wondering when i said A man will be a man(Gloria)... basically i was referring to the conversation i had with my ex boyfriend, when he told me that he slept with someone, when i asked why he responded and said " a man has needs Jasmine", " A man will be a man and do what i man does"... how lame is that mess????? grrrr.. lol

I"m back.. lol

hello my fellow fans who wondered where i was.. been busy and ddnt really feel like writing..
well not too much is going on in my life i'm just chilling... but on my way home from my home i was listening to a song by hurican chris.. what i'm wondering is What ever happen to him?? he was like a three hit wonder.. lol

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a man will be a

a man will be a man... new blog title.. canlt forget lol

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why i choose to be called Black American

i choose to be called Black American, because.. well wait yes my ancestors did originate there however my generations before me haven't looked back since being born in the United States.. now back to what i am saying i am Black American because the customs, beliefs, and culture that i know is in no relation to that of an African American

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kappa Sweetheart!!!

So yesterday i logged into my school e-mail address, and saw an e-mail that read "Kappa Sweetheart Informational"... i read it and still had no clue what it was about.. so i decided to go to the meeting that was gonna be held @ 7:11.. how funnie.. lol but yes attire was business mandatory which was really nice.. i get there last one of course.. but not late.. haha two guys give me hugs one i know the other just met him over facebook :)

moving on...

Kappa Alpha Psi.. is a black fraternity.. that i like party with every time they have an event.. well the meeting was about.. chosen girls were picked to be Kappa Sweethearts, meaning that we are the ladies that help Kappa with anything they need, if it's like passing out flyer's, helping with poster, setting up decorations... etc you get it we also come out and show them support when their doing events and fundraisers, but the best part of it is the ladies also get to do big things too...

Interview process...

is a freaking three week things.. and basically they will be asking us questions, but we will also be getting to know the brothers of the Tucson kappa chapter formally :)..

why I'm excited..

there's no fee's that i have to pay to be a kappa sweetheart.. i finally get to meet some more people on campus.. we get to travel with the boys when they go off to meet other kappa chapters, and every event that they host I'm in FREE!!!!!
Did i add??
That I'm the baby of the bunch?? yay!!!!
and the rose is from them in case you were wondering
ohhh and a Kappa sweetheart is also know as a diamond

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend in Tucson

So this weekend I spent at home in Tolleson :)…I will explain the picture later on in my blog… my weekend was really relaxing and I got most of my work accomplished.. it was just one of those weekends where I didn’t want to do anything.. lol.. I didn’t get to spend too much time with my mom cause I came on a weekend when she had a lot of homework to do but her and I went grocery shopping together, for the house and my dorm, on the Southside cause we were visiting my auntie too… which was nice.. and while we were there some older black men passed us and said “yall look like yall get greens can you tell me where to find some frozen ones”… well my mom told them where… and I later asked her why do they think we know where the greens are.. nd my mom laughed and said “cause we look healthy”… lol funniest thing ever… lol… but last night I was just curious if my belly button was open so I put an earring through it, and then I found my old belly ring and placed it through, so now my belly button is pierced… and that’s why my blog has that picture next to it.. lol

But DRAMA! So I come home to see that we really been aching for food right now cause this dude French is still here sitting on the couch, not doing a dayum thing… it really does bother me, because I know my mom needs a break financially, and there’s two dayum grown men living in the house with no jobs… okay welllllll my step-dad is a real estate agent, however with the dayum economy being so low he ain’t makin s*** right now…. That’s why I’m saying yall need to vote and put someone in office who’s gonna help us out… can’t complain if you don’t take the steps to try and change something… n-e-hoo off topic… but yea when my mom first texted me asking me for money I knew something was up…. I mean I really don’t say anything because my mom doesn’t talk to me about issues, which is fine because I know she doesn’t want me to worry, but if it was up to me… I would get them both the hell out… shit if they ain’t bringing anything in then step the hell out.. there’s nothing wrong with being nice to ppl but he been here a month longer then what he said he was… still ain’t showering regularly… just pissing me the hell off dude… I get tired of looking at him wear what I saw him wearing Thursday…. But hey I know a blessing is coming in for my mom, but sometimes it’s hard to get to that blessing when you got other things in the way…

GOOD NEWS! Thing with my special honey are going well… still not in a relationship but things are going good… today I bought her some hand sanitizer cause she hates germs, but in her dorm room she doesn’t have it lol…she has the Clorox wipes, the disinfecting spray… but no hand sanitizer so I got her some J…. Generous I know… and with that I’m off

Happy thoughts,

Monday, September 29, 2008

My weekend :)

okay well today is Sunday evening.. well more like monday morning and here i am writing about my weekend.. my weekend was spent studying which i will find myself doing a lot more of it during mid-terms and what not but don't get me wrong i'm not the perfect college student that you will me.. so don't even think that i am.. my roomate is sick with strep throat so i'm sort of kicked out of my room cause i catch strep like i do a common cold..

Too many days go by that i remember all the times that someone has come in my life and just left me incomplete, as if they took and never gave... I'm not in a sad mood right now but just a wondering one cause i'm just wondering what's in it for me in the future.. but isn't it a question we all ask ourselves?? thought so he-he

Cause i know i wonder if the field i wan't to go in, is the field that i'm destined for, did i choose the right school?? i feel like i did but who knows?? who will i marry?? do i know that person now.. i mean so many questions go unanswered but will they be answered one day??

well now that i've gotten a chance to clear my head, and my thoughts i guess i'll just end it where it is full of thoughts

whispered words.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Alrighty then..

yes, yes, i know it's been a long hot min since jazzy has written u something.. i believe the last time i left you all wondering why i was upset, to be honest i can't even remember why i was upset, ddn't need to be lol.. but i'm good now!!! getting ready to go home this upcoming weekend, to visit the doctors office yikes.. lol, and to see my high school score some touch downs for their homecoming.. :) but right now i'm doing good took my first test and got a 30/50.... that's a D in case yall wanted to know hehe but it's kool i guess my professor throws the lowest test score out so as long as i learn how to STUDY then i'll be okay for the next three.

Let's go on to relationships.. lol still single.. just out there trying to mingle
and no one's on tha list of who i want to date except this one person...
i'm really feeling them too, but i just don't know sometimes :)...

Right now my sinus are bothering me like no other right now, and my roommate is sick in bed so i'm doing my damnest to avoid her cause jasmine ain't trying to catch anything.. nd that's on the real.. lol

I will try to do my best to keep by many fans posted on what's going on in my life but till then i'll holla :)

whispered words

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

today wasn't a good day

no smile on my face right now, just pent up aggression, i want to yell scream and shout.. what the hell i did??? is the pondering question I'm just in a questionable mood right now so it just has me wondering what's going on.. he doesn't respond back to texts messages, nd has me wondering if i came on a lil too hard..
when actually i really don't think i did so i don't know what the hell did..
nd because i'm upset ppl are just annoying me more and that can never be a dayum good thing but who the hell knows.. no sort of subject today just ranting and raving trying to get my point across to whom ever and to make myself feel calmer.. it's working a tad bit but i wish it.... i dunno
it's my fault cause i sat here thinking that the first person i met it was really gonna work out but shit it ain't like that jasmine jones..

Friday, August 22, 2008

I now reside in tucson

okay well today just about completes my day, i woke up early this morning to take my lil sis nd ken sis to school to say my final goodbye.. which had me all chocked up, hmmm then i came home and had bfast sat down and rested till my mom and dad was ready to go.. we drove and drove and drove, got lost but found our way to my new life... took sooooo long and lots of efforts to get my stuff unpacked not to freaking mention that my dorm hall doesn't have elevators grr... so it was excerise for me which reminds me i gotta find the gym..

n-e-hoo finally got myself unpacked and had a teary goodbye, i miss my mommy now... and I'm already ready to cry. it's hard leaving the nest for the first time especially when you don't know what to expect.. my roommate is very nice.. but i don't feel like i belong with her circle of friends so it makes it even harder to adjust not to mention i chose a school with hardly any blck ppl ha ha

well I'm having dinner @ this restaurant off of university very delicious might i add and healthy :)



Thursday, August 21, 2008

My last day in Phoenix area

so today i woke up really anxious and early realizing that today i will be loading my moms trunk to take off to Tucson tomorrow morning.. I have butterflies in my stomach because honestly i don't know what to expect, I'm the first in my family to go to college, so no one can tell me what to expect. They can only tell me what things i should watch out for. If you have ever watched Madea by Tyler perry then you'll understand this next part. Last night i was outside with my mom and sis and we were saying some of the hilarious lines in those movies when it got the thinking "Madea goes to jail", and "why did i get married(the play)"are two plays that i never get tired of watching, and the underlying message that it has in those i feel apply to what I'm gonna be facing in life... who knows what the lord above has in store for me :?