Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gotta love itunes!!!

Okay so today i discovered that you can rent movies through itunes!!!! How awesome is that?? gives you a chance to pay 3.99 to view a movie before you pay the $20 some odd dollars to buy a movie, get home and find that it was a waste of your $20, you know... So once again you just "gotta love itunes!!!"
Fascinated with itunes

My review of Twilight

So i like literally finished watching the movie, and you know what ladies and gents I LOVED THE MOVIE!!!!!, i mean there were some characters that i would have changed, like Bella she could have been a stronger actress, but she performed decent enough for my taste. Her father Charlie i expected him to look different, he looked Hispanic to me... lol and the Clearwater kid, for some reason throughout the four books i expected him, his father, and his friends to all be white, but when talking about an Indian reservation i should have known, but still the Clearwater son doesn't quite fit my description, he father does to the T... But i still enjoyed the movie very much, had me giggling, and laughing, the entire time, I'm already anticipating the second....

I give it 4 stars baby!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's just a simple question that takes some thought (what if was you?)

So I was in my religion class today, and usually at the beginning of each class my teacher will play a song to begin the period off, well today he chose to play "World on fire" ( by Sara McLachlan, and the video has some things that will really get you thinking, it begins by asking what's wrong with this video, then it goes on to say that it took only $15 dollars to make this video, then it started going into detail how much it actually is to shoot a video, and how all that money could be going to a third world country to help with medicine, food, etc... but I just got me thinking about how as of right now many people including myself do nothing to help make the lives better for them. It's like that old saying; out of mind out of sight, you know if the issue isn't smack dab in your face then it's not an issue.
But my question for the day is what if that was you?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Chruch Experience

Okay so one day I was at Church, while we were doing something for Black History Month, the pastor did not preach, but the Deacons did say many prayers... However moving on with my story. Throughout the entire service i was weepy from start till end, the children from the Church did a praise dance, as well as some of the older women... I'm telling you Gospel music can bring out those emotions that you try to hide. But it was towards the end of the service when the Pastor called those up who needed to be prayed for, or knew someone that needed to be prayed for, well my friend went up to the front and i stayed behind just praying for my family. The pastor begins going from person to person resting his hand on their head to say a short prayer when he stops turns around and says to the crowd "The lord is telling me that someone in this house of God needs the power to forgive some"... And there it was the tears just began to flow, because throughout that entire service i kept thinking to myself how I really have not forgiven my Ex(if that's what you want to call it) for the way our situation ended, and, by the pastor saying that i realized that If i can't forgive someone then how should i expect God to forgive me for my sins??? Deep moment for me yall, but while i was crying everything around me became silent, and i heard a faint voice tell me that someone was comming for me, and just to hold on...

I am truly blessed.

Road to Redemption; espisode with Trey

Okay so this so far has been my favorite episode from Road to Redemption( yes i know I'm super late posting this). But yes this episode was about a 15 year old boy by the name of Trey, who is involved in a gang. It was such a good episode for me.
Problem: The show revealed that he was trying to take on after his father, and brother who were both incarcerated, and his mother was trying so hard to steer him from that direction because she wanted him to go to college and become a real man.

Solution: T.I took him around town telling him about his dearest friend who just recently died because of gang violence, but when Trey wasn't listening T.I. took him to see his Uncle( or something like that) and he told him going down this road only has two outcome death, or jail, and I think that this was the breaking point for Trey to see, that boy knew that he didn't want to die..

Why I'm glad: I'm glad to see that Trey decided to change his ways, because of his promise to T.i. and also because he began to see that the life he was living was not for him. I'm also happy that his mother got her wish to see her son(who's doing awesome in school now), making the grades, and taking care of business at home

Favorite quote: "I found out that i can be like myself and nobody else" Trey