Monday, September 29, 2008

My weekend :)

okay well today is Sunday evening.. well more like monday morning and here i am writing about my weekend.. my weekend was spent studying which i will find myself doing a lot more of it during mid-terms and what not but don't get me wrong i'm not the perfect college student that you will me.. so don't even think that i am.. my roomate is sick with strep throat so i'm sort of kicked out of my room cause i catch strep like i do a common cold..

Too many days go by that i remember all the times that someone has come in my life and just left me incomplete, as if they took and never gave... I'm not in a sad mood right now but just a wondering one cause i'm just wondering what's in it for me in the future.. but isn't it a question we all ask ourselves?? thought so he-he

Cause i know i wonder if the field i wan't to go in, is the field that i'm destined for, did i choose the right school?? i feel like i did but who knows?? who will i marry?? do i know that person now.. i mean so many questions go unanswered but will they be answered one day??

well now that i've gotten a chance to clear my head, and my thoughts i guess i'll just end it where it is full of thoughts

whispered words.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Alrighty then..

yes, yes, i know it's been a long hot min since jazzy has written u something.. i believe the last time i left you all wondering why i was upset, to be honest i can't even remember why i was upset, ddn't need to be lol.. but i'm good now!!! getting ready to go home this upcoming weekend, to visit the doctors office yikes.. lol, and to see my high school score some touch downs for their homecoming.. :) but right now i'm doing good took my first test and got a 30/50.... that's a D in case yall wanted to know hehe but it's kool i guess my professor throws the lowest test score out so as long as i learn how to STUDY then i'll be okay for the next three.

Let's go on to relationships.. lol still single.. just out there trying to mingle
and no one's on tha list of who i want to date except this one person...
i'm really feeling them too, but i just don't know sometimes :)...

Right now my sinus are bothering me like no other right now, and my roommate is sick in bed so i'm doing my damnest to avoid her cause jasmine ain't trying to catch anything.. nd that's on the real.. lol

I will try to do my best to keep by many fans posted on what's going on in my life but till then i'll holla :)

whispered words

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

today wasn't a good day

no smile on my face right now, just pent up aggression, i want to yell scream and shout.. what the hell i did??? is the pondering question I'm just in a questionable mood right now so it just has me wondering what's going on.. he doesn't respond back to texts messages, nd has me wondering if i came on a lil too hard..
when actually i really don't think i did so i don't know what the hell did..
nd because i'm upset ppl are just annoying me more and that can never be a dayum good thing but who the hell knows.. no sort of subject today just ranting and raving trying to get my point across to whom ever and to make myself feel calmer.. it's working a tad bit but i wish it.... i dunno
it's my fault cause i sat here thinking that the first person i met it was really gonna work out but shit it ain't like that jasmine jones..