Friday, August 22, 2008

I now reside in tucson

okay well today just about completes my day, i woke up early this morning to take my lil sis nd ken sis to school to say my final goodbye.. which had me all chocked up, hmmm then i came home and had bfast sat down and rested till my mom and dad was ready to go.. we drove and drove and drove, got lost but found our way to my new life... took sooooo long and lots of efforts to get my stuff unpacked not to freaking mention that my dorm hall doesn't have elevators grr... so it was excerise for me which reminds me i gotta find the gym..

n-e-hoo finally got myself unpacked and had a teary goodbye, i miss my mommy now... and I'm already ready to cry. it's hard leaving the nest for the first time especially when you don't know what to expect.. my roommate is very nice.. but i don't feel like i belong with her circle of friends so it makes it even harder to adjust not to mention i chose a school with hardly any blck ppl ha ha

well I'm having dinner @ this restaurant off of university very delicious might i add and healthy :)



Thursday, August 21, 2008

My last day in Phoenix area

so today i woke up really anxious and early realizing that today i will be loading my moms trunk to take off to Tucson tomorrow morning.. I have butterflies in my stomach because honestly i don't know what to expect, I'm the first in my family to go to college, so no one can tell me what to expect. They can only tell me what things i should watch out for. If you have ever watched Madea by Tyler perry then you'll understand this next part. Last night i was outside with my mom and sis and we were saying some of the hilarious lines in those movies when it got the thinking "Madea goes to jail", and "why did i get married(the play)"are two plays that i never get tired of watching, and the underlying message that it has in those i feel apply to what I'm gonna be facing in life... who knows what the lord above has in store for me :?