Thursday, July 22, 2010

In the summer, summer, summer time!

ooo Lawd! Do I know that's it's been quite sometime since my last blog! Almost a year! Soooo sorry about that!

But am I ever ready to get back on it! in the words of Trey songz 'yupp' Lol!

Ready to bounce back from a tuff summer, went from losing a job, to not having one, to getting one again! I still haven't started just yet, but I am on my way to getting back on my feet! :)

This is the first summer that I think I will not be seeing my best friend, or my good friends that I keep in touch with from High school! :/ Times do change and it will all work its self out!

Fam bam is doing great, sister is entering her final stage of HS, how crazy is that... sorta making me feel old! NOT! Lol, but I'm looking for to that and to my mom's graduation!

Going into my Jr year of college! choosing to claim it as the year of all years! Why, i dunno! I just feel something strong when I look towards this year! :) I have myself a hunni bunni, that I call my Bubie! Things are looking up but with him making the move back home to further his education we shall see how it goes! I'm looking forward to it fully!

Till next time!,