Saturday, August 8, 2009

My night at chile con sol

It began like any other night, chilling with friends, running into each others rooms to get ready to go out... the occasional sip of a drank, my choice of poison for the night (99 apples w/fruit punch kool-aid , and patron w/ sprite). Hit the bar around 11 something after taking pics with each other, danced and joked around for a bit, met a few ppl... ran into some Co-workers, then the party really got started ppl started coming outta the wood works... and I got a free drink from the Dj "that's my DJ"... lol

So I'm dancing drinking having a good time, when the music cuts off and a bartender yells for everyone to stay inside because some ppl got busted selling drugs in the parking lot, and the cops still have not left yet... So "shake the monkey" by too short comes on (that's my hit till this day FYI), so you already know that I had to twirk someone off (and ohhh i did that, even lost breath doing it!)

So after I caught my breath I'm just chilling and talking when the front doors to the bar open, and the cops start flashing flash lights... a few ppl start running to the back throwing down their bottles of beer, and trying the hide the cops come in and says "have your id's ready if you want to leave".... Of course they let the 21 and older go home, but the 18-20 have to stay, and anyone who didn't have their Id's...

I'm waiting @ the door, and the cops pull out the Breathalyzers, an officer calls me over asking me questions... I was sure he was gonna give me the test he asked
"have you been drinking tonight"
I told him yea, but before I came here... and he said
"you do know that it is illegal for you to drink underage right?"
I told him yea, I do..
He asked a few more questions, and said that i wasn't under arrest and I was free to go...

While I'm sitting in the car waiting for my three other friends to come, I'm texting everyone, posting it to my FB wall, Tweeting about it... and all three of my friends come out with tickets... they all blew over the legal amount which is .008.... one blew 2.0, the other 2.67, and the youngest blew .009 (and she drank more than everyone)... It was truly by the grace of God that I did not get the test, maybe it was because I was one of the people who had their I'd, or that the cop saw honesty in my eyes when he was asking me questions... Cause I sure as hell kept eye contact with him!!!