Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer of 09

My 2k9 summer has been filled with some very exciting things, and I also learned some things about myself along the way.
A few things I learned;

Was that if i just take the time, and put in the effort it is easily possible to continue to get good grades in my classes....
Hard work pays off, with a promotion I received at work!!! Yay me!!!

This was my summer to experiment with new things such as; Piercings, and tat's

I now have a total of 8 piercings, count them 8!!!!

The next thing that is my pride and joy is my first tat, which is a Japanese lily! I chose to get it because I love Japanese art, the colors, and designs are so beautiful to me (hope you can make it out)

But besides the tat, and piercings, I have been truly lucky to learn something about myself;

I often tend to doubt my abilities, and carry less confidence w/ myself, but it's something that I'm starting to work on....

I've even been able to find someone to make me happy, and actually because of him I'm starting to feel like there's a part of me that has been awakened, and I'm truly grateful for him... It's actually funnie because today I was reading an e-mail from a friend that said something like "God puts people places for a reason", and I just started laughing because I think back to that day, If it wasn't for me deciding not to go to class, and being late to meet my friend for lunch I might not have met him, but I did, and now I do...

A summer time filled with excitement, and even finding a bit of romance, looking forward to what the school year will bring!!!

Till then,